The VRDL All Stars is the team representing the VRDL on an international level and in the
Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA). Currently ranked #1 in the world, the All Stars are the reigning WFTDA World Champions after winning the Hydra during the 2017 WFTDA Championships.



The All Stars started with a stella run, being the first Australian team to compete in the WFTDA. Now, after walking away from four trips to the Big O in Eugene, Oregon undefeated and earning the first non-US team medal (bronze) at the WFTDA 2016 International Championships, the team backed up their previous years medal placing by cementing their number 1 ranking and
securing the Hydra during the 2017 WFTDA International Championships. With the Hydra firmly out of the USA for the first time ever, the team continues to prove their dominance, expertise and within the International roller derby scene.

Known for being pioneers in the sport of roller derby, the VRDL All Stars are committed to changing the way the game is played. The team is consistently inventing revolutionary techniques and strategies, including braced walls and dynamic pack manipulation. The inventions are now staples in the sport and influence roller derby teams around the world.

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2016 WFTDA Charter