VRDL Member Spotlight – Victoria Beat-Her #1618

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What is it like to be a Queen Bee?
Couple of words come to my mind: awesome, fun, hard, fulfilling, tiring. The camaraderie within the team is pretty awesome and we push and help each other to get better constantly. We have fun and support each other.

What is it to train as a Queen Bee? We train against and with the All Stars, we constantly learn from them, it is the best coaching any skater and team could ever ask for. It also pushes us to be creative in our game and make our own strategies. We also train with the NVICs and share with them the knowledge the All Stars share with us as well as our own “in house” tips!

What are your long-term derby goals? Well I think almost any VRDL skater can say that their long-term goal is to be an All Star skater right? haha Also, to obviously keep up the high level of roller derby we have at the moment. As for mid-long term goal, winning the B team champs with the Bees in 2018.

How did I get into derby?
I watched Whip It while travelling to Canada in 2010. As I’m French I thought it was only an American thing and we didn’t have any league in France at the time (It was barely starting). I discovered two years later on the radio the Paris Roller Girls existed, and found a local small team through a friend.

What set up do you have? Riddell Solaris, Roll-Line Killer plates, Radar Presto wheels (I’ll eventually move to Halos when I’m rich haha), Roll Line toe stops.