Life as a sweaty skater (a love letter to my S1 helmet liner)

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By Steel Thunder

I’m a sweaty person.

The moment I start exercising I develop a sheen, and within a few minutes I’ll have it trickling down my back.  Being sweaty is something that has always made me uncomfortable. It’s not fun to stand out for something that society has always told you is “gross”; sweat is typically used in the media to denote a lack of fitness and/or attractiveness, especially in women. When people comment on my sweaty body it is always unwanted attention. Sweat is cold in winter, it creates slip hazards on the track in summer, and it always stings when it gets in your eyes.

Over time I’ve managed to untangle the feelings of emotional discomfort that stem from others’ judgment of my body, and those that are a physical result of being covered in perspiration. As I’ve matured I’ve become more confident in my body and what it can do, and more able to genuinely believe that other people’s issues with my body, its size and how it functions, are very much their problems, not mine.

I sweat more than most and that’s not good or bad, it just is.

At the same time, I’ve developed techniques for keeping myself physically comfortable. I bring multiple shirts to training and change into something dry when I feel uncomfortable in what I’m wearing. I always, always, always have a towel with me at training to wipe sweat from my face and arms, regardless of the weather. And I’ve recently switched to the S1 Terry Cloth Helmet Liners. Just quietly this is a GAME CHANGER.  

I’ve spent time and money trialing other options for head sweat, but I find bandanas and kerchiefs cause me to overheat (whether on my head, round my neck or wrapped around a wrist guard) and I sweat more, and they aren’t generally made of particularly absorbent material so need regular replacement. And if you don’t always wear a bandana, your helmet size will change, depending on whether you’ve got it on or not… The terry cloth liner replaces the foam in the helmet and comes in the same sizes as the foam so you get to wear a well-fitted helmet, with sweat absorbing properties, without it adding to the layers on your head.

Self-confidence takes the sting out of uninvited comments, but this liner is the first thing that helped for the sweat-in-the-eyes sting!  Massive thanks to S1 for providing them to our charter skaters, because I don’t know if I would have risked the investment – but now that I have one, I cannot more highly recommend it!