Victorian Roller Derby League currently has four representative teams: All Stars, Bees, VICs and Demons. The All Stars are the first non-US team to be ranked #1 in the world and win the Hydra at WFTDA Championships.

Previously, the league has had four homes teams: Dead Ringers Roses, Toxic Avengers, Rock Mobsters and Dolls of Hazzard. Even though the teams are currently not an active avenue of the VRDL, they were a fundamental part of the leagues history and culture, as well as reflect the grassroots nature of VRDL and roller derby in Australia. There are no plans to resurrect these teams any time soon but keep an eye out because we may start feeling nostalgic and need a little colour is our lives. If you’re interested in working towards a VRDL team, head to our GET INVOLVED page.